It has been a busy time at Garside’s Farm, we have been bustling around harvesting crab apples, pickling cucumbers and so on.  We do not anticipate seeing a slow down till the end of October, as so many other varieties of fruit is starting to be ready for picking, it is certainly a hectic time of the year for farmers.

Our Organic Bartlett Pears, Italian Prune Plums and Gravenstein Apples are ready.  We are just starting the harvest of these products late this week, and will have them ready and for sale this weekend.  The Bartlett Pears are available for $1.00/lb, the Italian Prune Plums are $1.50/lb and the Gravenstein Apples are $1.75/lb.

Also available at this time is our Green and Yellow beans, Zucchinis (yellow and green varieties), Russian Red Garlic, Patty Pan Squash, frozen pitted Sour Cherries, Carrot bunches, Flower Bouquets and our Free Range Roasting Chickens.

Coming soon is our Tomatoes, Beets, many other varieties of Squash, Bramley and Boskoop Apples, plus so much more!

We are now completely sold out of our Organic Crab Apples, if you missed out, we will have Garside Farms own Crab Apple Jelly available to purchase for $5.00 for a 250 mL jar.

Now available at our Farm Stand is a selection of preserves, all made with our own Organically grown products. Currently available is our Peppery Pear Salsa, Sour Cherry Jelly, Apple Earl Grey Almond Jelly, and Strawberry Vanilla Jam.  We will have many more types of preserves soon.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like to place an order for anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.