On Monday July 18th, we began our Crab Apple harvest, this is one of earliest starts for a harvest aside from last year. With this beautiful Spring we had, we have great looking crops, with all tree branches loaded.  We have been madly trying to thin many of our varieties of apples and pears, as they were so well pollinated that we have had branches breaking from the weight of the fruit.

This year our crop of Organic Dolgo Crab Apples looks great, they are a nice size and a good quantity of them on our trees. These small deliciously tart apples have many great uses including: Jellies, Wine, Cider, Butters and I am sure so much more. They are available starting today for $1.25/lb.  If you are looking for a specific quantity we do recommend placing an order to ensure you receive the quantity you require.  Please feel free to contact us to place an order.

Also available now at Garside’s Farm is our Zucchinis – we have both green and yellow varieties, Patty Pan Squashes, Flower Bouquets and our Organic Free Range Roasting Chickens.

Coming soon to Garside’s Farm is our Organic Russian Red Garlic – we anticipate the curing to be complete this week and will spend our weekend cleaning and prepping  the garlic for sale.  The garlic crop this year looks great, and we can not wait to have it available. There are also many varieties of apples upcoming including Gravenstein and Bramley’s.  We are also anticipating having our Italian Prune Plums again this year, as we had great pollination take place. As long as the weather cooperates around the time they are ready, we should have a bumper crop.

If you have any questions, or would like to place orders for any of our products, please feel free to contact us via phone 604.556.4273 or email: [email protected]  You can also send us a message through our contact us form on the website, or a Facebook message. Feel free to find us on Facebook and Instagram under Garside’s Farm.  We post almost daily to our social media accounts with pictures and information of upcoming products.