Unique, local, organic.

Someone once said, “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

In our case of apples, it’s true. We hold to the promise of organic, without cutting corners. When we say organic, we mean no pesticides, and no chemical fertilizers. We have a range of apple varieties from our local Fraser Valley farm. We bet you’ve never known there could be so many.

Prima Apple

Origin – Indiana, USA – Cultivated in 1958 as a disease resistant apple.

These are medium sized dark red apple, semi-sweet in taste. The Prima Apple is good eating and cooking apple. Highly recommended for applesauce as it cooks up beautifully. These apples are generally available in Early September, they do not store long, and must be used within a few weeks of being picked.

Bramley Apple

Origin – Southwell, Nottinghamshire UK, Discovered in 1809

These are a large, hard, green apple with some having a bit of red from sun exposure.  They have a strong tart flavour and are primarily used for cooking/baking or cider.  If you enjoy eating a strong tart flavour, than this apple is for you.  A unique feature of this apple is when cooked it becomes golden and fluffy.  These apples are generally available in Early September, and will keep for a good amount of time if stored correctly.  Terrific choice of apple for all pies!

Boskoop Apple (Belle de Boskoop)

Origin – Boskoop, Netherlands, Discovered in 1856

These are a juicy rustic apple (rougher skin), starting with a slight tart flavour, that sweetens over time with correct storage. These apples will store for a good length of time (up to 6 months) if stored correctly. The Boskoop apple is a great eating or cooking apple, pairs well with a Bramley Apple to create a delicious pie.

Spartan Apple

Origin – Summerland, BC, Cultivated in 1936

These are a smaller in size but big in taste apple.  We allow our Spartan apples to fully tree ripened, and they are almost a purple/maroon colour when fully ripe.  These are a great crisp, sweet apple for eating or making juice/cider with.

Jonagold Apple

Origin – Geneva, New York, Cultivated in 1953

These apples are a cross between the Jonathan and the Golden Delicious.  The Jonagold apple is a larger sized, semi-sweet crisp apple with a green/yellowish coloured skin with a red crimson tone. This is a good apple for eating, cooking and juicing.  Can store for approximately 2 months, if stored correctly.

Northern Spy Apple

Origin – Rochester, New York, Discovered in the 1840’s

The Northern Spy Apple is a crisp, semi-sweet apple and is considered an American Heirloom variety. It is a late season harvest apple, this apple is not harvested generally until November once we have had a frost. The Apple will sweeten with a light frost. This is a great apple for eating or cooking, will store well with correct storage.

Crabapple (Dolgo Variety)

Origin – Siberia, Russia, Discovery time unknown

These are a small, red, juicy tart apple – great for jams, jellies, ciders. They are an early season apple generally available mid-August. Check our recipe section for recipes using our Crab Apples, including Garside Farm’s Signature Cocktail – The Crabapple Martini.

Gravenstein Apple

Origin – Grastan Denmark, Discovered in 1669

These are a yellowy-green waxy apple with light red striping. They have a mild, tart flavour, and are can be used for cooking or eating. Work well in ciders, and apple sauces. Generally available late August or Early September. These are a summer apple, and will only store for a short period of time.

Discovery Apple

Origin – Langham Essex UK, Discovered in late 1940’s

These smaller pink/red apples are a popular English Apple with a sweet flavour, considered a dessert apple. A terrific choice as an eating apple. The Discovery Apple has a unique feature as the flesh of the apple has a pink hue to it, and is very pretty. These apples are generally available in late August, they do not store long, and must be used within a few weeks of being picked.

King Apple (King of Tompkins County)

Origin – New Jersey, USA, Discovered in 1750

These are a smooth skinned yellow apple, with an orange red blush. These are a coarse, crisp, aromatic apple that is good for eating or cooking with. These apples are generally available in Mid to Late September, they will store a good length of time if stored correctly.

Gloster Apple

Origin – Hamburg, Germany, Cultivated in 1969

The Gloster apple is a beautiful deep red apple that is harvested in late October/Early November. This is a crisp, full bodied semi-sweet with just a hint of tartness apple, great for eating, and juicing. Can store for approximately three months, if stored correctly.