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Your source for local, organic, and unique foods.

Starting with just a dream of someday owning a small farm in the Fraser Valley, Garside’s Farm grows just like it’s produce. Here you’ll find unique varieties of apples; organic fruits and vegetables; and free-range, hormone-free chicken.

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Recent News.

We will be opening soon for the Season!

It is finally been hot and sunny for awhile and that is helping the fruit in the orchard to ripen up, and the vegetables to grow.  The forest fire smoke has been making things more interesting, but alas just another factor in British Columbia summers. Currently we are...

Spring Equinox

Happy first day of Spring!  We are optimistic some sunnier skies, and warmer days are going to be occurring much more often that the last few months.  These last few dark, snowy and dreary months have really made a mucky mess in a few areas of the orchard and we hope...